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I'm a huge fan of thrillers and mastery storys like this this. This book is one of my favorite books to be completely honest. The main characters is such a badass like wow were did this come from?! It honestly creeped me out a bit but the first few chapters were a little confusing for me but the book was really good. I don't give spoilers when I write reviews so I won't be giving out spoilers here but just know this book is so GOOD like im not joking or exaggerating this book is amazing you won't regret reading this. Also its pretty scary tho not gonna lie, well it was scary for me but I dont know about you guys. But overall I loved this book a LOT! I give it 8/10 due to the fact that it was a bit confusing but it was an amazing thriller/mystery book. If you like those type of books I definitely recommend this one to you! Plus the characters are all so badass!