Not a fan.

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What is it about this author's books that I just cannot seem to like?? She has so many popular reviews too, I don't know what it is that I'm missing at this point. I tried her other book, The Wrath and the Dawn, hated it. But I am open-minded so I thought might as well give this a try. And I will admit this was better than the other but it still wasn't good. She always has such a promising atmosphere, and plot going for her books. But when it comes down to it and I actually read the book, it just isn't good. I loved the setting, New Orleans, but that's about all I loved. The time period made no sense, it wasn't necessary. And like always the female is soooo drawn to the male character, and why does she keep referring to him as soooo bad multiple times. We get it. Also what was this whole inner creature nonsense. I hated it. And I already see a love triangle coming, such an uneccasry one too. Love triangles don't always need to be there. I didn't even have high expectations, but I'm still disappoineted.