Lush , lyrical

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This book enticed my senses and didn’t want to let go . It was magical , mysterious and tantalizing. The writing style style is poetic , lyrical , imaginative. Places and people were so descriptive I felt as if I was there.

Celine has traveled from Paris aboard the ship Aramis to start a new life . Pippa and others are also aboard from the old world , starting new lives , looking for husbands. They are bound for mysterious New Orleans in the 1800’s. Once all the girls arrive in Louisiana , they are to be bound to the Ursuline nunnery in return for finding the women suitable husbands.

Celine is a free spirit who wants to live and experience life , not be smothered . New Orleans at this time is home to the occult , magic death and blood . Celine and Pippa are right in the middle of it ... and trouble will follow.