Love Vampires!

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I was a huge fan of the vampire trend of YA in the early 2000s with the popularity of Twilight, and I really missed reading a fun vampire book. Lucky for me they seem to be making a comeback. Although in The Beautiful, vampires aren't really like the ones in Twilight. Here they are more of a mysterious villain and not the sexy love interest.

Even though Bastien was not a vampire, I really fell in love with his character. He talks a bit about being biracial and his struggles because of it, and I really enjoyed those parts (I myself am biracial!) Celine was a great main character and I adored her as well. I think the both of them have great tension, so I was pretty invested in their love story.

Plot wise, the mystery kept me on my toes. I kept trying to guess who the antagonist was, and sadly I guessed all wrong. It did make reading the ending pretty fun though.

Overall this was such a fun book with an amazing cast of characters and an atmospheric setting I also adored! Definitely check it out if this sounds up your alley!