I enjoyed this book!

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This book checks so many boxes for me - vampires, mystery, romance, New Orleans. I love the time period the story was set in - 1875. Celine Rousseau has traveled from France to New Orleans for a new start. Celine is headed for Ursulines convent, where the sisters have offered refuge to several young women with plans on assisting them with finding husbands.

Celine encounters a young woman, Odette, who hires her to make dress for a Mardi Gras ball. As Celine gets wrapped up in Odette's world, young women are brutally killed in the city.

I love New Orleans and although there are passing references to the city and landmarks, I wish sometimes the storytelling was more descriptive. Having visited New Orleans I had no problems adding details from my memories, but not everyone would be able to do that.

I think that the story between Celine and Bastien was intriguing and I like that the lead detective in the murders is Bastien's enemy. Although the primary story line is resolved in this story, it definitely leaves the story open for further books in this series.

I did enjoy the book and would recommend to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal stories.