Fantastic YA Vampire Novel!

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The Beautiful is a tense, suspenseful spin on the young adult vampire novel. Now before you groan, just know that The Beautiful is more akin to Anne Rice than Stephenie Meyer. There are no glittering vampires in this novel.

Set in New Orleans in 1872 during Mardi Gras, readers follow Parisian dressmaker Celene as she becomes acquainted with the Court of the Lions. Bastien in particular catches Celene’s interest.

When people around Celene start to be murdered, she is determined to stop the killer before any more of her friends fall prey. Her quest may cost Celene more than she bargained for, however.

I am so glad I picked up The Beautiful and read it. New Orleans is the perfect setting for a vampire novel, a mix of decadence and decay. And Celene, refreshingly, is a strong female character, something that is usually sorely lacking in YA vampire novels.

The bottom line is that every vampire enthusiast novel enthusiast should read The Beautiful. It’s an excellent addition to the genre.