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Could not put down the book! A captivating read!

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I knew I wanted to read this when I saw New Orleans, Vampires, and that Renée Ahdieh wrote it. This went so far above and beyond my expectations, once I got started I did not want to stop reading.

“Be faithful, he warned. For the faithless are alone in death, blind and terrified.”

When a book starts out with something as captivating as this one did you know it’s going to be a fantastic read, and it was. I loved how this takes place in 1872 in New Orleans, and I loved how dark and mysterious everything was. At some points I honestly forgot I was reading because the details were so vivid and amazing I could picture everything.

“Your name is Marceline Béatrice Rousseau. That is all anyone need know about you.”

Okay, I need to express just how much I love the main character Celine. She is smart, courageous, and does not care what a single soul thinks about her, not even what society expects her to do and be. She is escaping her past and coming to New Orleans to start a new life at a convent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her past and who she is becoming.

I cherished her friendship with Pippa. I honestly love how sweet and caring Pippa is to begin with. They only met because they were on the same boat coming to New Orleans and are at the same convent, but they would do anything for each other, even when it meant going against everything they believe in.

On another super important note, I want to scream with joy and can’t stop smiling because of the chemistry between Celine and Sébastien Saint Germain. I lived for their silly banter and honestly couldn’t stop reading because I just needed more of the both of them. “She smiled through a flicker of sadness. Your world is beautiful, Bastien. I wish I could stay.” “As do I.” Moments like these just tore my heart out because I’m already so attached to these characters.

It isn’t often that I like all the characters, but in this case I do. I enjoyed learning everyone in The Court of Lions and even the girls at the convent including Mother Superior. This was a deep, mysterious, wild, and magical read and I can’t wait for more. I wasn’t expecting it to be told in different POV, but it definitely added a lot more tension to the mystery. My mind is blown with how it ended, and I am so deeply depressed with how the ending, my heart honestly feels broken in half. I was shocked and did not see any of the ending coming, usually I can figure out some of how it’s going to end, but with this one I was so far off.