The Results Are Not Surprising: I LOVE RENEE AHDIEH

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Renee Ahdieh created one of my favorite stories ever; the duology of the Wrath and the Dawn. I literally devoured that novel as well as its sequel and it's still one of my all-time favorites! I have so much love for her works. I also read her later books, the Flame in the Mist duology as soon as they came out; I loved Flame in the Mist almost as much as I was in love with the Wrath and the Dawn.

When I read the excerpt of this book, I knew I was already hooked. I already love Renee's lush, slow-creeping and gorgeous writing and this compelling and interesting plot?? Please, give me more. This sounds so amazing, and if anyone can bring back vampires?? It's Renee. I trust her with my absolute life, okay?

Anyways, more about the story, not Renee. The cover absolutely hooks me with its petal design and the goblet, and I'm super interested to know what this goblet does and how it plays into the plot. The design of the rose petals is so, so pretty and I'm in absolute love.

I love the setting of New Orleans and the mystery composed with romantic elements and I just want to know what happens, who the murderer is, and all about the romance between Celine and Sebastien.