Wonderful Retelling

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I flew through this book! It was funny, sexy, intelligent and sweet. The main characters were wonderfully written and I adored them both. I'm so happy to have gotten this book. It was a compelling Beauty and the Beast retelling, mixed a bit with The Taming of the Shrew. The author found a good way to intertwine them both. The grumpy, beast like anti-hero clashing with the stiff, feisty, intelligent woman who dares to go head to head with him. This book was wonderful and fun. I loved the complexities of the character's ambitions and needs, they both had their own reasons for reacting to circumstances based on their past and it was great having such flushed out characters in a stand alone novel. I feel this novel was the perfect blend of the classic tales it draws inspiration from, while staying in the confines of "historical romance".