Romance and comedy

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Let's start with the cover-art. I feel like this fits the .. typical "romance" novel appeal. The romantic kiss, pretty dress, etc. The cover is pretty, but not anything truly eye-catching.

This book is not my typical "genre," so my review and opinon may be a bit ... bias I suppose.

The Beast Of Beswick is labeled as a Regency romance, with a dash of humor involved.

You'll follow main characters Lord Nathaniel Harte, the Duke of Beswick, and Lady Astrid Everleigh through this novel as they navigate a humorous relationship. You see Lady Astrid Everleigh did NOT want to be involved with the Duke.. She viewed him as a no-good scoundrel, and simply offered herself up to him to save her younger sister from his indecency. ha!

I have to admit tehre was some funny moments in this book, and overall it was a solid read.