Pretty good!

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I loved all the beauty and the beast vibes this book had to offer. Their banter was off the charts and I thoroughly enjoyed their miscommunications and how it ultimately thought them together. The heat was all steam with all the bathing scenes.

What I loved most about Nathaniel was how despite his belief that he was unlovable, it didn't stop him from being the superior hero in the story by taking care of Astrid and her sister, isobel including going toe to toe with an adversary and going as far as marrying the damsel in distress.

It was a delicious taste of a regency tale that serves as a great way to draw people into the genre. Both characters have so much growing to do in the story and they help to make the other one a better person.

This book checks all the boxes - steamy, balls, intigue, and so much tension that when they snap, you want to read the scene over and over again.