Had a lot of potential

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This book was interesting for me. I both enjoyed a lot of the aspects of the book, but I also feel like it missed the mark on other aspects.

I'll start by talking about the beginning, which was strong. I loved Astrid from the beginning of the novel and loved her strength, especially since in that era, women didn't have much say in anything. I admired her mostly for her love for her little sister and her willingness to do anything, including marrying a man who ruined her life, to keep her safe and happy. I even liked the duke, who was a bit of an a**, but whom I thought brought a lot to the story in the beginning.

My problems with this book happen after the marriage between the heroine and hero. Things just...I don't know, fell apart? I wanted more from the relationships. More from Astrid and her sister, whom she risked everything for. More from the duke and Astrid's relationship besides the love scenes. I love that the book was steamy, but I wish that the hero and heroine were more emotional and we got to see more of their vulnerable sides. More chemistry outside the bedroom. Just...more.

I don't know. I do believe that this was a good historical romance, but do I love it? I'll be honest, I didn't, but can see a lot of other readers falling in love with the story. I say try reading the first few chapters and see if it peaks your interest. No two readers read the same book ❤❤❤