Fun Regency Romance

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The Beast of Bewswick is a fun Regency romance retelling of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. I was in the mood for a nice bit of romance and this hit the spot perfectly. I really enjoyed the way the fairy tale was integrated into the polite society of 19th century England.

The leading lady, Astrid Everleigh, is a tough, intellectual, headstrong woman, who goes toe to toe with her “Beast” on more than one occasion and holds her own. The “Beast” in question, Thane Harte, is moody as you might expect, but also funny and sweet once you get past the beastly manners. Honestly though, one of my favorite characters from this book for me is Aunt Mabel. She is hilarious and full of spunk. I found myself laughing out loud regularly throughout this book.

The cover is pretty generic for a book in this genre, but it’s nice enough.
I’m looking forward to reading the sequel about Astrid’s sister!