Beauty and the Beast Retelling

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Amalie Howard is one of my go-to authors when I need something to help me get through a book hangover. Her books are always such fun reads, and The Beast of Beswick did not disappoint. This story was a twist on Beauty and the Beast, and I loved it. Astrid was the perfect Beauty to Nathaniel "Thane's" Beast. I loved Astrid's devotion to her sister, and how she would sacrifice anything to protect her, even marry the notorious Beast of Beswick. I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Astrid and Thane as they got to know each other. Watching their relationship unfold on the pages was so much fun. They are the perfect match. I loved how Astrid was able break down Thane's walls and draw out the caring beautiful man he was under all of his scars. From page one, I was drawn in to this story and could not put it down. It was a fast addictive read.