Beauty and the Beast Got Me Here

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Yet another book, that I got as an ARC but never got to share on the platforms because of life and COVID. This one I apparently read but never got to write the review about it. Well here we go...

I love Beauty and The Best, and despite people saying it is a romanticized story about an actual psychological issue - the Stockholm Syndrome, my opinion differs. I believe there is actually a very deep, raw and beautiful love story behind it. I am usually skeptical of retellings, although I love to read them, because it is an accelerating feeling to see and read about out beloved characters in different environments and times but this book was on point.

While I enjoyed the characters and the storyline, the book still was a slow cliché that was pretty much predictable. Another thing that I personally did not receive was more quality time, while man oh man was not there a lot of sexual touch...?

I believe this will be a good fit for many, but my taste is changing.