Beaty and the beast meets erotica

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4/5 🦄

This book was hottttt 🔥Lady Astrid suffers from a ruined reputation started by a man she rejected during her first season. Now that he has returned, this time seeking the hand of her 16 year old sister, she seeks the protection and guardianship of the so-called Beast of Beswick, a man flayed with bayoneted after a deserter left his men exposed in battle leaving him scarred brutally. When it becomes clear that the reputation-ruined and the deserter are the same man, The Beast commits to what he never thought he’d do—marriage!

This book was very spicy! The Beast aka Thane is a dirty dirty man but oh so charming! Lady Astrid is loyal and fierce when it comes to those she loves. Together they make a great team and have chemistry off the charts. This book is is filthy—absolutely filthy, I say! There is a heavy emphasis on feminism and double standards at the time. So if you love sexy books with feminist leanings, this is the book for you! It might be a little heavy handed in both areas, but still super fun and enjoyable! Gotta love a beauty and the beast romance!