A Page Turner!

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A different spin on a beauty and a beast.

Set in old time England, Lady Astrid and her sister Isobel find themselves without parents due to an unfortunate sickness.

They are sent to live with their selfish and pompous old Aunt and Uncle who's only goals are to spend the girls fortune and marry Isobel off to the highest bidder.

The highest bidder is not just anyone, but the very scoundrel who ruined Astrids reputation years before.

Astrid dared refuse the Earl's scandalous advances, and as a result he spreads vicious rumours about her honour. He successfully ruins her chances of getting married and dooms her to a life of spinsterhood ..or has he?

Astrid, our heroine, makes a beastly deal with her own livelihood to save her sister from a bad marriage and a lifetime of unhappiness.