A beautiful retelling

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The Beast of Beswick is a new take on a tale as old as time, featuring a delightfully crude duke and an impassioned, independent lady who refuses to take no for an answer. It's hard not to be inspired by the love and loyalty Astrid exhibits as she fights to keep her younger sister, beauteous and innocent Isobel, from the dastardly clutches of the same earl who had smeared her name during her first Season several years before. Although rough around the edges, Nathaniel "Thane" Harte is more than he seems and even his damaged body and often foul temper won't dissuade Astrid from winning him over and looking beyond his "beastly" appearance.

The Beast of Beswick gives readers a glimpse into the world of the ton and introduces several strong female characters who seek to move beyond the constraints of their stations. Astrid and Duchess Mabel, Thane's eccentric aunt, are wonderful examples of female empowerment and the latter provides more than her fair share of comedic moments bolstered by her unapologetic lust for life (and other things). Thane and Astrid's strong personalities create a riveting push and pull relationship that keeps the reader invested and their passion is off the charts! I can't wait to see Isobel's own temerity take center stage in The Rakehell of Roth.