There was just so much I didn't like.

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I finished it so I can say I didn't mind the writing style. But honestly when I think back on this book all I can think about is what I did not like.

1. It could have been shorter. I love bigger books, but there was so much repeating especially when we were at Carter's pov.

2. There were so many characters, but didn't really get to know them and it made it hard for me to connect to any of them or remember who they were .

3. It mentioned so many times that it is a small town, but then it seemed like no one knew anyone out of the characters they were with. Especially when it Carter, if he was such a catch and on the police force you think everyone would know him and he know them.

4. The ending reveal came so quick and then it was over. It didn't really leave me feeling anything when it was over.