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When Jamie gets invited to a party by the older boy she has a crush on, she begs her sister Emma, to babysit for her, so she can go. When Emma is attacked, and nearly killed, people blame it on a rumored babysitter killer.
With Emma left not fully right, mentally, teenaged Jamie has to help care for her while their mother works. So, Jamie leaves and gets married the first chance she gets after high school.

Then, twenty years later, Emma remains mentally challenged. When their mother dies, Jamie has to return home to care for her sister. Then, another babysitter is attacked, and leaves Jamie to wonder if this attack is connected to her sisters.

I loved this book. It draws you in from page one, and holds your interest throughout. The characters were all well written, and you could feel what they were feeling. This book definitely kept me guessing, and I didn’t know what was going on until it was revealed in the end. I definitely recommend this book, if you’re looking for a good suspense book, with a bit of romance.