Thriller from the start

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First impressions I had was from the cover of the book. Reminds me of the cover of some of the horror films covers from my past and of course it made me want to read what it was about. The plot grabs you right from the start, especially if you ever babysat in your life. I always had this fear when I was a teenager of something happening while I was at someone's house babysitting so this book pulled me even more to read it.
Sisters, both babysitting at different times in the house for twins and one gets brutally attacked when the other goes to a party.
I love that the book goes back and forth from the past and the present and makes you feel like your on a roller coaster ride to find out what happened. Are these connected to the other babysitting murders and it is someone close to them?
Would love to curl up in bed on a rainy day and absorb myself more into this story....
I love the writing style and can play it like a movie in my head which I love. Seems like a fast paced thriller with lots of mystery and guesses and keeps you on your toes or more so keeps you turning the pages without wanting to stop until you are done.