Nancy Bush Proves Once Again that She is A Master at Mystery

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Teen sisters, one babysitting and one determined to go to a party. Thus, Jamie switches places with Emma so Jamie can attend the party and Emma can babysit. Unfortunately, the party turns out to be a bust. But the babysitting gig is worse since Emma is attack there and her life is forever changed. That’s the background of this engaging mystery about who attacked Emma. Jamie has to return to town when their mom, Emma’s caregiver, dies and she seems ready to tackle the challenge of raising her teen daughter and caring for her damaged sister. The question is there at the forefront of my mind as I was reading. Who attacked Emily and why? And will Harley and Jamie be safe in the town of River Glen? The atmosphere is eerie and the tone is fast-paced, giving away tidbits of information, just enough to entice me to want to keep reading to the end.