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This is a very nice book I must say I did really enjoy this very much this book is not my favorite genre to read but after reading more and more of it I started to really grow into it!! This was very beautifully written the author just had this type of writing that made me fall even more in love with it. Just amazing overall plot everything was just really great! I will definitely be looking into more books of this genre. Me and my mom read to some of this together and she also said she loved it and my mom is not a big fan of literature which was very surprising for her to tell me this!! Now my friends are telling me to let them borrow it since I could not shut up about it:) One of them is halfway through the book and she said she really loves it which is so great to hear o hers loving it just as much as I do... If y’all are looking for a good read or just your next read this is great!