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I always like to start my reviews by describing the book in one word and for this book, that word is: captivating. I think I was kept flipping through the pages of my book faster and faster as I progressed to the end.

I think I was attracted to this book initially for a number of factors: First, the synopsis. As an Asian-American, I have a large family with a variety of personalities, so definitely something that drew my eye. Also, the title was just crying for me to read it. And lastly, the cover. I think the cover was equally as intriguing, which I give kudos to the artist wherever they are.

I have to say that I wasn't disappointed at all by my previous impressions. I really liked the characters. I felt like they were alive, in a way that is difficult for authors to do. The pacing was perfect and the series of events kept me reading and entertained. I am so amazed by this book and I think my next step is finding out if the author has any more books!