Heartwarming family saga

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Even though the Nasr family lives all over the world, they meet in Beirut, Lebanon after their father dies to decide whether or not to sell the family home there. Everyone but Idris wants to keep the house, and in the fight to do so, many of their secrets are revealed, igniting a fire that just might sever the familial bonds. Will their family survive, or was the house the only thing holding them together?

After seeing that this story took place in Beirut, Lebanon, I felt drawn to the story because of a college friend who was born there but only stayed until age 16 when he moved to the US to finish high school and go to college. Overall, this story was very much character driven and "literary fiction" which is not my favorite. I did not love the writing style and felt the story dragged on too long in places. In fact, I stopped reading at about 1/3 because I just wasn't interested in the characters or this family's story.

I received a copy of this book from BookishFirst. All opinions are my own.