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Good book

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Good book. Couldn't put it down. Cover fits into what the book is about. The blurb is still something that caught my eye about this book.
Yes it's a five star book. Good book to read more than one time
Good book to talk to others about
Have talked to a few people about it and they might read it but I'm actually unsure who all would read this book. It's a really good one. Hard to out down. Five star book. Could be a series but unsure if it will be. Seems like thier was more to tell at the end of the book but then again I could have been wrong.
Kept me pulled into it.
Kept me wanting to read it. Finished the book in a week.
My husband thinks it sounded good not sure if he will read it but we will see if he is or isn't.
I understand if this book isn't for everyone but I think it's a good book.
Was really hard to put it down.
Plan on rereading this book this year.
Not a fast pacing book