Getting the family together

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I tried to read this book, I really tried. And yet one year later and we're still halfway through it, so I guess I should just quit now. The story so far is not bad, but I think I like the premise of the book more than the book itself, if that makes any sense. The family is scattered around the globe as they are all asked to go to Beirut to talk about the sale of their family house. We then learn about each of the family members and how their lives are doing, where they live, how have they failed or succeeded after "escaping" their Syrian origin. It would have been interesting to read all the way to the end and see how it all goes with the 'forced' family reunion of sorts, but I couldn't relate much to the characters. Some are interesting, some are not. And since this is told in multiple perspectives, you have to go through some not so interesting ones to get to the others. Anyway, interesting premise, okay book.