compelling family saga

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With the insight of a variety of character's perspectives, this emotional, thoughtful family saga is one that will transport readers into the lives and locales of its characters. When the planning of a funeral and potential sale of the family home brings siblings Ava, Mimi, and Naj, as well as their parents and assortment of other relatives and friends, under the same roof in Beirut for the first time in years. This family is hiding so many secrets from each other- after years or even lifetimes hiding, they don't necessarily understand what pain the others are holding. The most evocative sections of the book are those from mother Mazna's perspective. Readers get to see her as a young adult in Damascus as she meets Idris and his friends, and how her life changes after this meeting. Her choices and secrets are the largest, and her emotions are so accessible to the reader. This was a family that was really captivating to spend time with.