Astounding and Heartfelt Family Drama

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People deserve to have their secrets.

There is so much to say about this book. Set in Manhattan, California, Austin, and ultimately Beirut, The Arsonists' City is a phenomenal story about one disjointed family, scattered across the globe, that are forced together by grief.

Spanning decades and jumping from family member to family member, this story of the Nasr family unfolds itself slowly, almost luxuriously, and with twists and turns that truly surprise. Matriarch Mazna has harbored secrets for over 40 years that could tear her family and hard earned life apart in an instant. With his over the top personality, patriarch Idris comes off as silly and animated, but has deep secrets of his own. Their three children, Ava, Mimi, and Naj, are spread across the globe, all living their messy lives with deep secrets of their own. When the family is called to Beirut, personalities clash and secrets unfold, and the already precarious balance of the family threatens to topple.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love, and I found myself sympathizing with every single character at some point. This book felt incredibly profound to me. While yes, the length can feel daunting, I definitely recommend this read to anybody looking for a deep family drama that isn't centered around your typical white American family.