An immersive Lebanese-Syrian family portrait

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A gripping story of two generations of a Lebanese-Syrian family across borders and told through two timelines. This book seamlessly melds the multiple points of view from different family members and between past and present timelines without becoming confusing or flattening any of them into two-dimensional characters. A beautiful and heart-wrenching look at how family secrets and generational trauma can still yield to love and connection.
I've read a lot of first and second generation novels, and few have been so uniquely done as this. Each character provoked a rollercoaster of emotions, I loved and hated all of them in turn. I have never felt like a family was so accurately depicted on page. Each location also was brought to life, I missed being in these places and character's heads as soon as I finished the book.
A powerful and immersive novel. After I read a copy from my library, I immediately recommended it to my family and friends, and am already looking forward to getting my hands on more from Hala Alyan.