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This book has layers upon layers and each layer is AMAZING! The depth and details in this book are superb. As you read the book, you are transported to this world full of secrets, sadness, and stress. The story flows and the writting is wonderful! Each character is developed and truly human in the middle of pain and passion. The story is truly one that could have been a true story. There are moments that make you laugh and moments that make you cry. This book is one you will want to keep on your bookshelves for years to come. This book will be one that you want to read in book clubs and talk to friends about. Its timely and timeless which for a book to pull off both - is rare. I want others to read this book so I can discuss it with them. The gentle way this book pulls you in and surrounds you with life and culture - please read this book. You won't be sad you did!