A fantastic family drama

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Thank you Bookishfirst and HMH for this advanced readers copy.

In a sweeping family saga that takes place over 50 years we follow Mazna and Idris in one timeline as we learn about how they got together. In a present day timeline the story focuses more on their children, but the entire story revolves around Mazna and Idris more so.

This was an incredible story of love, familial bonds, immigration, and resilience. What I love in this is that Alyan really does give us almost equal amounts of each characters POV and that really makes you care for the family as a whole. Each member of the family has a unique voice and you simultaneously love and hate each of them. I really enjoyed each characters story almost equally, which is hard to do.

In the wrong hands this story probably couldn't have concluded in a way that felt earned, but Alyan does manage to do it in a way that feels deserved.