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Wow, This Book Has It All !

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The powerful opening scene in Beirut has elements to appeal to any reader. There is a well loved family heirloom - in this case a rug, and the biggest issue for a moment seems to be preventing children from spilling their soft drinks and spoiling this possession. However, the tension quickly escalates with the 11:00 P.M. knock at the door; foolish, hate-fueled, youthful aggression has come full circle. The son tries to calm Mazna, his mother, but the blase' attitude of the men at the door will chill any reader's blood.

Since this introductory chapter is titled "The Wrong Ghosts," we know these characters are going to be important again, and readers do not have to wait long. The mother, Mazna, reappears in Part One. Now, she is a domineering mother living in California. Her daughter Ava and son Nate seem to have it all. But that all includes infidelity which rocks the boat of a marriage possibly already strained a little by the expenses of keeping the lifestyle they want as they aspire for more.

This promises to be a five star read, and I'm using my points to grab this one !!