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Creepy manor with WWII backdrop

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"That the house has stood for generations while we come and go, that it owns us and not the other way around."

The Animals At Lockwood Manor is an interesting historical fiction novel about a creepy 92 room house in the English countryside. It takes place during WWII but unlike most books set during this time period, the war isn't really an important part of the story, it takes place in the background, just setting the scene more than anything.

Jane Healey does an excellent job channeling the women in this story, and how they were viewed by society at the time. The main character, Hetty, is named director of the museum, but knows she will be relegated back to volunteer or assistant as soon as the men are back from war.  I found Lockwood Manor to be very intriguing, and the book flowed well, keeping my attention until the very end. However, as with most books I read, I do feel the romance detracts from the overall plotline. That's really just my personal opinion on romance in general, so other readers will feel differently here. 

Disclaimer: The quoted text is from an uncorrected proof of this book that I received from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt through Bookish First in exchange for my honest review