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What a wild ride this was! I have read The Whisper Man and The Shadows by Alex North so I was extremely anxious and curious to read his newest. I have to say though that I was very very confused for the first 200 pages! There are so many characters and it was difficult to find the connection between all of them! I knew it would eventually come together but getting there was a long journey! Without giving too much away the story line and plot has to do with a creepy family, evil, death, and a book that might be to die for. Oh and foretelling the future. The concept of this story was intriguing. North has a way of writing that makes you want to turn the pages faster as you say to yourself “what in the world is going on!” I think the story got better and better and I do recommend if you are a North fan. But be patient as it will take awhile to get to the meat of the story! A few twists the you may or may not see coming!!