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When I saw that Alex North had a new book I had to read it! The Angel Maker was a unique thriller and mystery.
Siblings fight, yes? They don’t always have each other’s back. After an incident that occurs years prior, Katie has a chance for redemption and finally show that she will have her brother Chris’ back. Meanwhile there is an active investigation for a serial killer that police are connecting to previous crimes.
There was a lot that was going on in this book, it had a slow start which made it hard to get into. I have read pervious works from the author and was excited to receive an audiobook to review. The storyline did get confusing from time to time, and I had to restart from a previous chapter to figure out what was going on.
I would rate this book 3.5 stars. I do recommend that if you start it, make sure you finish it, the ending is worth it. This wasn’t my favorite work from this author, but I do look forward to his next book.