Not as good as his previous ones

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Giving this 3 stars was really a reach. I loved his first two books and was not thrilled with this one.

Katie and Christopher are siblings with issues and have been estranged for years. Their mom is playing the middle and has just said she thinks something is wrong.

Another set of siblings is involved and there you will find pure evil. One of the bad guys has been nice to Chris (referred to hundreds of times as Christopher Shaw, including many times per page. Did you think we forgot? It's not like there was more than one Chris in the book! Ok, enough pet peeve reporting.) The other brother, it seems, has it in for him.

The good brother lives in a very strange house that still shows the damage from a fire many years ago. Huh? Why?

Katie really goes overboard doing some stupid stuff to try to find her brother and is not believed by her hubby or the police. The whole thing had more issues than needed and was not done as well as past books. I didn't need constant recaps.