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I recently read The Angel Maker by Alex North. I've read The Whisper Man and The Shadows by the same author and enjoyed both. This time we are following several different people. Katie Shaw is an adult woman with a husband and young daughter, plenty of responsibilities. She is contacted by her mother when her brother, Chris, goes missing. Chris had been the victim of terrible violence when they were teens and Katie still, privately, holds herself responsible. Then we follow Laurence, a police detective. He is investigating a bizarre and brutal murder of a wealthy man who seemed to know he was going to die. You know a wild ride is coming your way when you learn that Laurence had investigated what happened years ago to poor Chris and realized both attacks may somehow be connected.

Although I have enjoyed all North's books, this is by far my favorite. This might well be my favorite thriller of the year, although I probably say that often. This story is complicated, like you need a string and pins to map it out on your dining room wall and despite living in North Carolina, I'd end up with my string traveling to New Jersey. Honestly, it's not that complicated, not too many characters and not overly involved. This story is intricate enough to keep you anxiously reading and amazed at how the author has connected everything to make a composite story. So many times, thrillers are heart pounding or plot thick, this book accomplished both seamlessly. I loved every second and cannot wait for Alex North's next book.