Loved it!

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The story was wonderful! I really enjoyed the mystery throughout. I loved the main character, Katie Shaw. She is relatable. She is a teacher, wife, and mom. She is estranged from her drug addict brother Chris but clearly loves him still. Her husband doesn't seem to side with Katie on a lot of things related to her brother and her anxieties as a result. I definitely loved her attitude and drive to find out the truth of what happened to her brother. I love the serial killer storyline with Lock. It speaks to the human fascination with murder and serial killers as Lock is portrayed by having many "fans" and people collect anything that has to do with him and his crimes.

The story began with a bang, which I also appreciated. Alex North pulled me in right away and kept me wondering what would happen next. There were plenty of twists and interesting storylines throughout and the ending was satisfying. I really loved this story!