Didn't disappoint!

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Alex North's third horror thriller, and it didn't disappoint! I was a fan of both "The Whisper Man" and "The Shadows," and I really enjoyed this one as well. "The Angel Maker" may have intrigued me the most of all three, actually, what with its future-telling serial killer and the philosophical themes involved--the title also drew me in in a way the other two books didn't. It's not a whole lot like the other two; it's a bit weirder, explores more ideas, and is overall a less tight story, it but made for a more interesting read.

North's writing is great as always, and the atmosphere was creepy. The story progresses a little slowly maybe, but after a while I got really invested in Lawrence's POV and the more crime-solving aspects. That said, I didn't like Kate's chapters as much, as I wasn't completely sold on her character. The story was gripping, and the ending was thrilling! Super good read.