Crimes that Fell Flat

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I think that this could have been a really amazing book, but it just fell completely flat for me. This is the second book I have read by this author, and I felt the same way about The Shadows. I don't think I will give another book by this author a try, which is unfortunate, because others really seem to enjoy the books.

The story line really grabbed me from the get-go. And all the characters were there to make this a really good read. A dysfunctional family, a father in a cult (maybe?), a brother and sister haunted by childhood trauma and a tragedy that links them all together.

The problems for me were with the timelines and the amount of characters there were to keep up with, over different periods, sometimes being referred to by last name, sometimes first, it was really confusing. I felt really distracted throughout the book and it just didn't hold my interest.

Then, I just felt like nothing was really solved. Like this big backstory of the two brothers with this cult leader father - was it even a cult? What was it? What were the other crimes with the 'angles' leading up to the event that the book was based on? It just wasn't well done in my opinion, and it left me wanting more, and less, at the same time. I could have done without the whole brother and sister event and wanted to read more about the actual brothers and their dad who was the original 'angel maker', and what I thought the book would be mostly about. I still don't even understand why he was making angels in the first place, and that might be because I honestly skimmed through a lot of it because it was not holding my interest.