Creepy almost-paranormal crime novel

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Less creepy than Alex North's previous novels, but only just. If you're a fan of never-quite-answered mysteries like The OA and 1899 (yes, Netflix, I'm still salty), you will love the supernatural edge to this story. Alex North has easily become an auto-buy suspense author for me. I loved the characters in this book; every one was realistic and understandable. Plenty of good twists and turns; I tried explaining the plot to my husband and it was quite a tale! Crime stories are not usually my cup of tea since I'm a scaredy cat, but Alex North hits that perfect middle ground of "suspenseful but you'll still be able to fall asleep at night." I'd actually have a hard time ranking his novels. If you like Alex North or if you've never tried anything by him before, The Angel Maker is an excellent example of what he does best: almost-paranormal suspenseful crime that will leave you unsettled but not terrified.