Complicated but creative plot

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An elderly man, Alan Hobbes is found murdered in his dilapidated mansion. As the police review camera footage from the crime scene, one of the detectives recognizes Christopher Shaw turning off the camera so there is no recording of the actual murder. Detective Laurence recognizes Shaw as a victim of a brutal attack that happened years earlier. When Chris disappears, his sister, Katie is determined to find him as she discovers that the man who attacked Chris many years ago is now out of prison and is stalking Katie and her young daughter.
This summary is just a glimpse of a few of the characters and the complicated plot that the author uses to tell the story. I agree with some previous reviews that this book requires a good deal of concentration to keep the characters and their connections and motivations straight. But the intricate plot should not make any thriller lover shy away from this book. The writing style is very creative and everything comes together by the end of the book. Overall, a great read!