Another serial killer read from Alex North!

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Katie Shaw always protected her brother growing up. Until one day when she didn’t and he was attacked. Now years later she suffers from guilt. A new case a detective is investigating seems to point back to Katie’s brother’s case as well. Are they related and how? It's up to Katie to find out.

Another serial killer read from Alex North! This one is a bit different than the previous books. I saw a spoiler online so I am going to avoid telling you how it’s different, but it has some genre mash-up subplots to it. I had a hard time following and it was complex for my little brain but it was entertaining and I wanted to know what was going on so I kept at it! Entertainment and keep the pages turning is most important.

“Something that had always been coming for you, but which you wouldn’t even see until it swerved in out of nowhere and changed your world forever.”

The Angel Maker comes out 2/28.