Angel Maker

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I was excited to read The Angel Maker as I enjoyed The Whisper Man so much! This story was pretty suspenseful and had me turning the pages, trying to figure out what had happened in the past, and what was about to happen in the future. Are our lives predetermined by fate, or are we in control? An atmospheric setting with a dilapidated old mansion gave it a very creepy feel, but there was also some good humor. Not for the faint of heart, because there are some pretty graphic, bloody moments, cringe-worthy, yes, but I really did enjoy this book. What would you do to help a sibling in trouble? Secrets abound within this family and it was great seeing it all unfold. Although I did enjoy The Whisper Man more than this book, it was still very good and very well worth the read. Now I need to read my copy of The Shadows. Alex North has another hit on his hands with The Angel Maker!