Actually bummed .

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When I read the first look it really hooked me . Something about actually getting into the book I felt it really lacked , depth . This story is shallow . It jumps around a lot with not a whole lot of context behind what is going on . I feel like some parts of the book should have been placed before other chapters in the book . The cop/detective situation was amathure at best . Its really hard for me to get behind a book when I feel like the characters should not say or do , or even act a certain way . Has an impressive gripping prologue that SUCKS you in from literally line one . I gasped at the second page as one who receives ARC copies I really try to not read more than a few sentences and the synopsis , I was Hooked . Hard to figure out what’s going on the first few chapters though . It truly was not at all the book I thought it was going to be , and maybe because of that I will come back to it one day and have a different opinion . Just overall not my favorite book , and that disappoints me - I truly had High Hopes !