Intriguing Beginning

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I like the way the main character, Corie, observes the world. Even though she is retired FBI, she can't help but keep her instincts! I can really relate to her hesitance to socialize with other self-employed individuals and her feelings of not really fitting in. I also like how the stereotypical step-mom/step-daughter dynamic is not there, adding that friction at home in addition to the drama from the core story allows you to focus. It also allows her seemingly-eventual return to investigative work be more internally driven as opposed to an escape from family drama.

The way that the author intersperses seemingly mundane and ordinary exchanges and situations with suspicion through the lens of a person always looking for secrets is intriguing. Definitely makes you want to start paying more attention to those around you!

The cover seems a bit cartoonish, but definitely brings a feeling of dread and chaos in a "safe" neighborhood.