"A Wednesday Work of Fiction" Gone Eerie.

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What I really enjoyed about the First Look was how unique the story began - being in someone's dream. There seems to be some foreshadowing about being back in Queens for main character Corie, but the rest of the story will have to confirm that assumption. One thing that stood out to me was how Corie described her husband for his decency, which I thought was a really intriguing quality that really validates how their marriage is based on a solid foundation of honesty, or so I think. Lastly, I thought it was so enticing how a club meet-up in town can turn into a throwback to Corie's past career. Dying to know what happens next for Pete! One things for certain, people do seem to have secret lives.

The cover of the book, in my opinion, depicts having that "normal" life, the American dream with the white picket fence, but obviously there's some mystery involved!