Heartwrenching and beautiful

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Ellen Hopkins does it again with another gut-wrenching novel in verse, this time tackling the foster care system and what can, and often does happen to teens when they are in the system.

First, the reality is almost too much to bear. Twins, Lake and Storm, were bounced around from foster home to foster home before being split up and not knowing where there other is. This is far too often a reality for siblings in the system and Hopkins does a fabulous job of capturing how hard it can be when you do not know where the one person you love and trust is. She writes with such complete honesty and raw emotion.

Second, the main characters. I absolutely loved both Lake and Storm. You can feel their pain, anger, and worries. Their love for each other and struggles had me cheering for them to succeed in a system that is working against them.

This is a book that every teen should read.