Strange and confusing.

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I received this book from Bookish First in return for an honest review. When I read the first impression and description of the book, I truly thought that I was going to like this one. However, I really could not get into the story at all. I just was not a fan of the author's writing style at all. The book was a bit confusing at times and I just felt like the whole middle chunk of the book was somewhat just didn't seem to go anywhere. I felt like there was so much of the book that had nothing to do with the actual storyline of time being stopped. There could have possibly been more details added to those sections (like Truda being a track star), that could have made it more applicable. It may have simply been the writing style of the author, but I was not a fan of this book as a whole unfortunately. I thought that it was an interesting idea for a story, but didn't enjoy how it was brought to life.